Mortadella not only has a refined recipe, a complicated making process, interesting historical stories but also reward itself with a position in the film industry.

La Mortadella is an Italian/French comedy produced in 1971 by Mario Monicelli.
It tells about a woman named Maddalena, starring Sophia Loren, who left Italy for New York in a reunion with her fiancé. Maddalena, who worked for a sausage company, brought with her the dearest Mortadella as a gift to her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the swine flu outbreak in Italy in 1967 convinced the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ban imports of the supposedly tainted cold cut. 
However, Maddalena was a stubborn and strong woman; she refused to throw away the huge Mortadella given by her former colleagues. Instead, she was forced to eat up the meat which was then shared to other employees at the airport.
The next part of the movies follows her journey out of the airport and affair with her fiancé. 
A year later the movie was released in the U.S. under another title, Lady Liberty with the tagline: Can a girl from a little sausage factory in Italy find romance and happiness in a pizzeria in New York?

The movie is just plain and simple. It is interesting as half of the story took place at the airport where Maddalena had to deal with American regulations to save every piece of her mortadella. As an Italian woman, she truly understood how valuable Mortadella was; even though she was abandoned from entry, she would never throw away the soul of her homeland. With an insistent attitude, she was able to show to the world the wonderful delicacy of Mortadella.

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