Chestnuts are a typical winter fruit. They derived from the female flowers of the chestnut tree, initially they are located inside a peel that will turn into a hedgehog.

Their shape can vary according both to the variety but also to the number and the position in which are located inside the hedgehog.

Thanks to their high content of carbohydrates, this fruit can replace most of the cereals. Due to that the chestnut tree is also called “the bread tree”.

The chestnuts of Castel del Rio IPG represent one of the excellence of our territory. Since 1946  the city celebrates this delicious fruit with a festival in its honor.


Originally, from northern Greece, chestnuts have been imported to Italy by the Romans, who also used to celebrate in their poems.

From the second half of 1700 chestnuts, that before have always been called “bread for the poor”, arrive in the richest table with the marron glcè recipe. Since then they increasingly earned more space in the most complex and value dish.

There are many legends about the origin of this fruit. One of that tells that initially chestnuts were directly attached to the tree without the hedgehog. One day, a family of hedgehogs living nearby heard the moans and decided to check what was happening. Chestnuts told them that squirrels went there daily to gnaw and eat them and they were suffering a lot. The hedgehog family decided to donate their shell in order to protect them. Since then the squirrels never bothered chestnuts again.