“There’s nothing better than gathering on a winter evening with tasty Certosino on the table, warm and cozy, wine and port, feeling like time is stopping by.”

Certosino di Bologna is a typical Christmas cake from Bologna with almonds, pine nuts, raisins, chocolate fudge and candied fruit. It is also called panspeziale meaning “spiced/special bread” or panone. It is one of those tasty Italian desserts that will be accompanied nicely with a strong dessert wine or port, which is perfect for a snowy winter evening.

If you are in Bologna during Christmas, you will be amazed by the beautiful packages done by artisan confectioners. A real treat for eyes and palate!


The recipe of Panspeziale is very old and dates back to the Middle Ages when it was produced by pharmacists (or "apothecaries"). Later Carthusian monks of Certosa di Bologna took charge of its production and began to manufacture the Panspeziale. Their production flew up as such a big success that the cake was named after the monks of the Carthusian Order (Ordine Certosino). 

The authentic recipe of Certosino was declared by the Bologna Delegation of the Accademia Italiana della Cucina and the 21st of November 2001 it was deposited with notarial deed at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, in Palazzo della Mercanzia.