What: shopping, eating, sight-seeing

Where: via Pescherie Vecchie, via Drapperie

When: Morning until late afternoon/evening. Some shops close for few hours in the early afternoon

Dip yourself onto a narrow lane away from Piazza Maggiore; you are right at the Old Market Il Quadrilatero – where antiquity and modernity perfectly blend together and gastronomy shopping has never been so fanstatic. Hold your breath, you are bound to be taken by amusement of the colorful shops around, odorous smell, catchy delicacies and full of shoppers laden with shopping bags.

Il Quadrilatero has everything: from pasta, cheese, ham, salume, fish, bread, wine, fruits to vegetables and much more for a big party or simply a picnic. Here you can find mouth-watering, fresh and high-quality traditional Bolognese cuisines such as tortellini, tagliatelle, mortadella... Don’t get overwhelmed! The shop owners are there to help you out if any shoppers are stuck in selection. Needless to say how artistic and considerate Italian are, these shops are decorated so charmingly that it gets visitors tantalize window displays and linger their feet every minute.

History bite: At this commercial heart of the old town, life is not silently limited to the old walls, bricks or stones; instead it is vigorously going on with deep respects to the ancient history of the city and the market itself. This attraction ever since Roman times consists of cobblestone streets framed within a quadrilateral area by Piazza Maggiore, via Rizzoli, via Castiglione and via Farini. It has a charateristics of “holes”, bounded by the most important monuments of Bologna: the church of San Petronio, Palazzo Re Enzo, Palazzo dei Bianchi and Palazzo della Mercanzia. Also the main craft guilds of the city had their headquarters in this area. This is the place where family-owned, multigenerational businesses were built centuries ago. Most of these shops have preserved the historic architecture and furnishing, thus making them genuine artistic treasures.

All you need to know

  • Where:
    The old market is located
    in the middle of Quadrilatero,
    via Drapperie - 40124 Bologna

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  • Opening time:
    Mon Tues Wed Fri Sat: 7am-1pm and 4,15-7,30 pm;
    Thu: 7am-1pm (opening hours may vary slightly).
    Closed on Sunday and holidays

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