In the year of Expo Milano 2015 the Museum of history of Bologna talks about the gastronomic history of the city with an installation: Manifattura del Gusto.
The Museum dedicates an expositive space to the Manifattura, to tell the excellence of culinary tradition of the city, developed during centuries.

The expositive path, created by Open Stories collective with the support of LOOP software, is composed by three installations insipred by three protagonists of local cuisine: tortellinotagliatella and mortadella. The thematic area celebrates through the interactive installations the tradition, the conviviality and the productive strenght of Bologna "the fat" underlining the local manufacturing excellence in a funny way.

The path is composed by three areas, each of them dedicated to one excellence.
The first area tells the story and the peculiarity of these three elements of local culinary tradition, through emotional projections of original images.
The installation "Tortellino Memories"describes the process of making of mortadella, the typical recipes and the value of tagliatella in the local tradition and the ability of bolognese "sfogline" to create amazing tortellini.
Visitors will have the possibility to chose their favourite recipe, discovering memories and legends of bolognese gastronomy, one of the most famous in the world.

Tajadela Symposium is the second area where food becomes conviviality and sharing: a table, a chair and a dining companion to share a good dish with.
Sitting on the chair and touching the tablecloth visitors will see the traditional dishes on a screen, together with three surprising guests accompanying him in an emotional and sensual experience.

Mortadella Machine is the third area, where excellence in gastronomy is showed by excellence in technology. Here we can interact with an installation discovering the production process of Mortadella. If the player is smart and succeeds, he will be awarded with a special prize! A funny and playful way to communicate the excellence of gastronomy in Bologna.

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  • Where:
    Palazzo Pepoli. Museum of the history of Bologna
    via Castiglione 8 - 40124 Bologna (BO)

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