The history of sorbets and gelato is much more complex and articulated than one might imagine. It doesn’t start with vendors and artisans selling their product on the streets crying out “Gelato!” It started much, much earlier, when humans started appreciating the benefits of drinking cold.
(Luciana Polliotti)

In September 2012, the world saw the opening of a Gelato Museum for the first time. It is located in the Carpigiani head quarters within an industrial space that has been converted into an innovative structure. The museum has woken up the artisan gelato’s history, culture and production over centuries, making it possible for visitors to explore the noble secrets behind their favorite food of all times.

Carpigiani Gelato Museum has available more than 20 original machines, 10.000 historical images and documents, multimedia presentations, precious accessories and tools of the trade from past ages, workshops and original video interviews.

It presents an interactive tour that explore the five stages of gelato’s history from its origins until today:

- 12.000 BC-13th century AD: From Snow Wells to Sorbet
- 16th–18th centuries: Gelato and the Birth of a Noble Trade
- 19th–20th centuries: Ascent and Global Diffusion of Gelato
- 1900-1950: From Ice and Salt to New Technologies
- 1950-1985: Gelatieri and Manufacturers Unite: Gelato Becomes the Flagship of Made in Italy

The tour deals with three important themes related to gelato: its evolution in the course of time, the history of its production technology and the places and ways it has been consumed.

About Carpigiani Foundation: Carpigiani Foundation is the world leader in the production of gelato machines. The Autogelatiera created by Carpigiani's brother is considered one of the best inventions of the 20th century.

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