Where to find: Cinema Lumière, Bologna Earth Market, Via Azzo Gardino, 65

What to do: shopping, eating, socializing 

When to go: Saturday mornings and, during the summer, Monday evenings

Just like the name of this market, the most delicate things on Earth must come down in Bologna: finger-licking, great quality and eco-friendly food is an excellent offer to your appetition. 

With a fast route by bus/on foot from the center into the courtyard of the Cinema Lumière, you will discover the best of seasonal products within the territory. Enjoy the freshness of fruits, feel the coolness of vegetables; satisfy your gourmet passion with fresh pasta, bread and biscuits, eggs and meat, milk and yogurt, cheeses and salami, wine and beer, honey and jam; and brighten your day with some glamorous flowers.

But wait, it’s not about simply eating and shopping at good price! Forget about the isolated shopping experience in supermarkets and let’s socialize in a cozy village-like atmostphere. You can also find a great choice of books and DVDs for sale at the Slow Food Stand.

As we all love and treasure our natural surroundings, we appreciate the efforts of 30 farmers participating in Bologna Earth Market to protect environment and bring the best guaranteed gastronomical products in the world to food lovers. 

The market is organized by Slow Food in collaboration with Bologna Cineteca and with the support of Province of Bologna and Carisbo Foundation. It also plays an important role in revitalizing the local area designated “Factory of the Arts” composed of different art destinations. 

All you need to know

  • Where:
    Mercato della Terra
    Via Azzo Gardino, 65
    40122 Bologna

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